Emojis on Chromebooks

Is it just me or do kids 💗 emojis?! Did you think it was only possible to do emojis on a mobile device 📱? Did you know that you can actually do 😀 on any device including Chromebooks? I recently did a webinar for Seesaw in which I highlighted an emoji writing project done in Google Docs on a Chromebook. One of the viewers said that she did not know you could do emojis on a Chromebook, so I thought I'd do a blog post and show you how!

This project was done with 3rd graders. The teacher created a template in Google Docs with writing prompts. The template was pushed out through Google Classroom with "make a copy for each student" selected to distribute the template. Students went to Google Classroom, opened their Doc and used emojis to answer the prompts.

To use emojis in Docs, Slides or Drawings, go to the Insert menu and select Special characters. Then choose Emoji.

Emojis can be used in lots of creative ways. Eric Curts (@ericcurts) has created an Emoji Writing Prompt …

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