ClassBadges: The New Version of Smelly Stickers

ClassBadges is an interesting site trying to take advantage of the buzz word "gamification." Teachers can set up an account at ClassBadges and award students badges for completing different tasks. Here is a video overview of ClassBadges.

When I first saw the site I thought this would be fun and motivating for students. One thing I didn't think of which has been brought up by others in the Summer Tech Challenge is keeping up with awarding badges if you have large numbers of students. So I am now encouraging teachers to start small, with maybe one class and see how it goes. Are your students motivated when they receive a badge? If they are, then maybe continue to add classes.

One feature I would like to see added to ClassBadges is the ability to embed the badges on a blog or a website. I think if students could take the badges they have earned and show them off on their blog or website, they might be motivated to earn more badges. What do you think? Do you think the ability for students to show off their badges on their own blog or website would add to the motivation factor?

As I'm writing this, I am reminded of my JH math class. Back in the 80's, scratch and sniff stickers were all the rage. Our JH math teacher would put these stickers on our papers. Many of us would then transfer the stickers to our notebooks so that our notebooks were covered with stickers. It was a fun way that he found to motivate us and we wanted to show off our stickers. I guess ClassBadges is the 2010's version of smelly stickers!


  1. Mickie,
    I used Smelly stickers a lot when I taught in Humphrey K-12. The secondary students liked them just as much as the elementary kids!
    I do like your idea of transferring the badges to their sites or pages, more visual for them. To start my PRIDE class with theirs next fall I thought of making a (I'm sorry Lisa for saying this) paper version of badges for a visual chart, then 2nd quarter just go computer when they are used to looking on iPads for their badges. Just a thought?

  2. Mickie, you are right. Students need to have the ability to show off the badges. That would be a very important part of this working to motivate our students. It would be great if we can find a way to make that happen!

  3. I love that you compared Class Badges to smelly stickers! I remember them from grade school! :) I am curious to see if Class Badges would work in my classroom. They are something I've never heard of and am unfamiliar with. Right now, I feel like maybe they'd work with a young crowd than high schoolers, but I could be totally wrong. That's why I'd like to try them out and see for myself.

    And yes! It would be awesome if students were able to display the Badges on their website or a social media site like Facebook. That could be pretty cool!

  4. Sharing ClassBadges socially is coming! It should be ready by this Summer. We're going to make it an option for teachers on whether or not a student should be able to share the badges that they earn that class.


  5. I am also curious to see if they work :) I like the idea of using them with my website and also in my iBook as a way to have the students keep track of what they have done. I had them keep a google doc tracking but they never seem to go back and update it unless I told them. This should be an easier way.


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