Pinterest. Some people love it and some people hate it. I was a Pinterest holdout. I just couldn't see how I could use it. I was already using LiveBinders to save my favorite sites and I just wan't sure how Pinterest would help me.

And then our official NPS Pinterest Queens, Julie Morgan and Lori Coffin, showed me how they were using Pinterest. All of their school resources are housed in Pinterest. They pull up their Pinterest boards every day at school, and voilia they have at the touch of their fingers everything they need to use in class. They have brain break videos and SMART Board lessons and craft websites and lesson plans all housed in Pinterest.

Now Julie and Lori are two of the most techie teachers we have in NPS and I respect them greatly. And I thought if they are using Pinterest, then maybe I should give it a look. So I finally started an account and started pinning. My boards are all for educational purposes. I don't have any boards for recipes or clothes or crafts, not that there is anything wrong with that. I just wanted my focus to be educational.

I have found Pinterest to be a great way to organize things. If you are visual person, you will really love Pinterest.

I was inspired by @annfeldmann1 and the #tt4t team at Bellevue Public Schools. Ann teaches a class on Pinterest and her district has group boards that the teachers in the class pin to. I thought this was a great resource for her teachers so I decided to create a Pinterest account for Norfolk Public Schools. Panther Pinners has really taken off. We have 26 people so far that can pin to the district boards. We have 87 followers of our boards. The goal is to build a place where anyone in the district can come and get great ideas. You don't have to be a member of Pinterest in order to search the boards and look for ideas.

So don't dismiss Pinterest. It can be a great place to get all sorts of ideas for your classroom!


  1. Mickie,
    Thanks for starting the district boards. Wow, there is way more than I thought since you just started these not to long ago with everyone. Thank goodness for Julie and Lori getting us all started in the right path. I am very visual, and when I find a cute idea, that picture helps me remember it later in an organized way!

  2. I like the district boards also, now that I understand how to use them. Thank you for your help! I think there needs to be more boards though. There are boards for grades only up to 6th grade. I think it would be great to have boards for the different subject areas at different grade levels. It would help keep things more organized and allow those posting to be more specific in what is being posted.

  3. I think the concept of district boards is awesome. I can't wait to start using them! It seems to me like all sorts of things could potentially be shared. I think it would be awesome if there were pins about curriculum in specific classes. Maybe we could use the site you talked about on Meagan's blog about Pinterest to create images of curriculum. Chris Begemann sent me curriculum guides for English 10, which I then took screen shots of to store in Evernote. Maybe the same principals could be applied and used in Pinterest!


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