I first found Glogster several years ago. When I first signed up for Glogster, the free basic teacher account was a lot more powerful. You could create a class and add students to the class. You could then access your students Glogs. They have since changed the free basic teacher account so that it is just that, an account. You don't have the ability with this level of account to have classes and add students to your classes. But you and your students can have free accounts. In order to see your students Glogs, they will have to share the URL of the Glog with you.

I used Glogster in a couple of different classes. In IT Fundamentals, I had students do a project on a famous computer person. Instead of having students write a report or do a presentation on the person, I had students make a Glog. They were still giving me the same information I would have wanted in a report or presentation, but Glogster allowed them I think to be more creative and make the project interactive. They could include links to websites and YouTube videos in Glog. While they could include a link in a report, I would have had to go to the computer and enter the link in order to see the site. With Glogster, I just clicked on it. Here is an example I did on Grace Hopper.

In my IT Apps 2 class, I had the students make a portfolio of their work. Throughout this class students did several Photoshop projects. Their portfolio Glog included all of their projects along with an explanation of the project. Here is a sample.

I love Glogster and the possibilities it gives students to show their creativity. I would love to see more teachers give students options to showcase their learning. I think Glogster would be a great option.


  1. I am still thinking of all the possibilities of using Glogster in the classroom. Giving students that option of "Death by Power Point" or something new- Glogster would be refreshing. I think students will like it because of all the options on the tool bar. I think after showing them the basics and letting them view the video directions students will be making and producing Glogs in no time at all!

    1. I agree that students will have fun with Glogster. It will be a nice change for them from PowerPoint. I don't think kids will have a problem at all figuring out how it works!

  2. Mickie - thanks for showing me Glogster!

    I love the idea of creating a Glog for a research project. (significant event in history, famous person, scientific explanations, math rules and theories, grammar examples, occupations/vocations... so many options!

    The students would truly enjoy creating (& learning .... love when you can trick them into learning) their Glogs!!


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