GoAnimate is a fun site that allows you to create animated videos like this one:

SH Summer Tech Challenge by Mickie Mueller on GoAnimate

I think students would love making animated videos. Like so many of the tools in the Summer Tech Challenge, GoAnimate could be another way students could show what they have learned. For example, in history class, have students make a modern day version of George Washington crossing the Delaware. Or in a literature class, have students reenact a scene from Romeo and Juliet only setting it in modern times. Both of these examples would definitely give you an idea whether or not your students understood what was happening in each of those situations.

You could also use GoAnimate to introduce a unit of study. You could put together a video and share it with students prior to starting the unit.

Math teachers could have students create videos for factoring or explaining a proof or pointing out the geometric shapes that they see on a daily basis. GoAnimate could be used in just about every subject area.

Be sure to check out the GoAnimate Lesson Gallery for other ideas!


  1. I used Goanimate this year in class, but I think that I can really expand more next Fall. I agree that students would really like to use this program in explaining concepts in class, especially the shy ones that don't like to stand on front of the class to talk. This program would need to be done on a computer because it needs Flash, so that is one drawback not using their iPad minis.

  2. I really like this program. I can see so many uses in the classroom. It is a great way to get some of the students who really struggle with everyday activities and worksheets to show their knowledge. I did not check out the lesson gallery but it sounds very interesting. Thanks for the great find.


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