Google Presentation

I love Google Presentation. It is simple to use and creates great embeddable presentations like this one:

One of my most favorite features of Google Presentation is the ability to add YouTube videos. Google makes it so simple! (You can see a video added to Slide 4 of the above presentation.) If you have ever tried to add a video of any kind to PowerPoint, you will appreciate how easy it is to add a video in Google Presentations.

I also love the ability to collaborate with others on a Presentation. No more emailing attachments and files back and forth. Simply share the Presentation and voila! Having students do a group presentation would be easy with Google Presentations.

I hate all of the flying animations and whirlygig transitions in PowerPoint. I love how simple the effects are in Google Presentations. And I love it even more if you don't have to use them!


  1. I prefer the more options of Powerpoint (I find the "flying animations and whirlygig transitions" help keep students attentive), but I definitely agree that the ability to colloborate on a presentation is a huge bonus. I have had students work together on one Googledoc, but I have never tried it with a Google Presentation.

    1. Interesting to hear you say that you say you think the flying and whirling animations keep students attentive. When I taught PowerPoint to students I always told them, if you notice the transition/animation you are probably not paying attention to the presentation. If you say "Wow! That was a cool transition." were you really paying attention to what was being said at that time?

  2. I am having some trouble adding a video to my presentation. I've tried both ways... the URL and searching for my YouTube video. Each time my computer freezes and yields no search results. The "Select" button isn't lit up. I've tried multiple times and nothing! Grrr... I'll step away for awhile and try again later!

    I agree, the collaboration on Google Presentation rocks!


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