It's no secret. I LOVE LiveBinders! When I first started using LiveBinders, I used it as a way to keep track of my favorite websites. I thought LiveBinders was so much better than bookmarking a site. With LiveBinders, you actually go to to see what the site looked like. When you bookmark a site, you get a name and you may or may not remember what the site looks like. The first LiveBinder I created was Free Technology Tools for Teachers. It has become kind of famous being named one of the Top 10 LiveBinders of 2012 and featured on the LiveBinders website. I add something new to this binder almost every day. It now has well over 300 free tools in it.

Free Technology Tools for Teachers

I've since created several other binders to keep track of things like Google resources and iPad apps. I've even created a binder that I use as a personal portfolio. This binder has all of the training materials that I have developed in it.

But my favorite binder has to be a binder I created for a teacher who asked me for help. She wanted her students to do a final project but she didn't want them to use PowerPoint. So I created a LiveBinder called Alternatives to PowerPoint. I found several tools her students could use instead of PowerPoint. The binder has links to the tools as well as tutorials and videos on using the tools. The idea was for students to use this binder to teach themselves the tool. The teacher didn't have to be an expert in using all of these tools. Everything students needed was in the binder. Give it a look.

Alternatives to PowerPoint

There are so many ways you could use LiveBinders with students or for yourself. Here are some of my favorite LiveBinders that other people have done.


  1. Mickie - I'm falling in love with LiveBinders as well! Currently, I'm creating a binder for my teacher evaluation next year. I think this will be a great place to showcase my evidence collected throughout the year. No more paper copies!

    1. I love your idea of using LiveBinders for your evaluation evidence! Remember that you can scan any student documents to add to your binder as well. Great way to keep everything digital! Hope you will let me see it when you get it done!

    2. Oh, Meagan....I love that idea! I think I might have to join in on that one!! You're so organized! Some day I will be just as good as you :o)

  2. Not only can teachers use LiveBinders, but I think students could use them as well. It would be an organized way for them to keep track of research sites they are using, notes they take on their topics, or simply a portfolio of their work. They can share the LiveBinders so the teacher can access their work as well.


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