Summer Tech Challenge So Far

I have to say, when I cooked up the idea for the Summer Tech Challenge, I wasn't sure what to expect. I wasn't sure how many people would participate. I wasn't sure if people would see that they had to blog and they had to Tweet to participate, if they would participate at all. Lots of unknowns for this summer's tech training.

But I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised at what has transpired thus far. I had one person race through the challenges and is just waiting for other people to catch up so she can finish her blog comments. I have others who started quickly and have since slowed down. I have had people not even in our district ask if they could complete the Summer Tech Challenge (the more the merrier I say). And we had some new people register for the challenge this week.

We have had some excellent, thoughtful, reflective blog posts. I see some new people on Twitter. I think we have some new Pinterest addicts. People are liking TED Talks videos. The verdict is still out on ClassBadges--although I am having fun awarding badges when people complete a challenge.

What I hoped would happen through the Summer Tech Challenge is that anyone who participates would start to connect with others in the district. Sometimes we are so confined to our classrooms and our buildings, we forget that we have some wonderful and talented teachers all across our district. I was hoping people would start to make connections and learn from others. I hope these connections don't stop once the challenge is over but continue on. I believe this is an important step in building a PLN (Personal Learning Network). We forget that people in our PLN can be local too! (Yes, I'm talking about you Lisa Pospishil--important member of my PLN!)

If you haven't jumped in on the challenge yet, it's not too late! You don't have to need professional growth points to participate. If you want to go through the challenges and not submit the completion forms, go for it. But if you are doing it for professional growth, please be sure to submit the form after each challenge.

I have really enjoyed the Summer Tech Challenge so far. I have loved reading the blog posts of so many first time bloggers. I love seeing what you guys are tweeting with our #npsstc. And I love seeing you connect with other people in the district. I think that is what I am most proud of.

So, keep up the good work! And don't forget to share and ask questions via Twitter!


  1. Hey Mickie! I am sooooo excited to see the response to the Summer Tech Challenge!! I'm on-board but just hitting the challenges I haven't played with yet (those would be Blogging, Class Badges, and Go Animate) so I am not OFFICIAL but loving it nevertheless!! Visit me at

  2. Mickie- I stumbled upon you via various twitter feeds and I am SO Glad I did. I began the challenge today. You created/designed this challenge? You are awesome! In the day and age where teachers are moving toward understanding that students want to be responsible for their own learning, what a great example for us as teachers to be doing this. Of course we want to be responsible for our own learning! I want to try/propose this at our district here in TX. Thanks for challenge - see you at the finish line!

    1. Ann, welcome to the Summer Tech Challenge. So happy and honored to have a Texan participating. I really appreciate your comments. Nice to have some feedback for someone outside the district.

      Feel free to borrow anything I have done. That's why I put it out there--so others can use it.

      Enjoy the Summer Tech Challenge!

    2. Thanks so much Mickie. I am falling a little behind with your challenge as I am also working on an Adobe Cert course. Regardless, I think your work is awesome and I hope your school district truly appreciates the value you bring to them!! Most Sincerely! Ann


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