Voki is a site that has been around for awhile. Voki allows you to create speaking avatars such as this one:

Students love Voki, especially elementary students. But don't think this site is just for younger students. Because you have the ability to record your own voice for the Voki, this would be perfect to use in a foreign language classroom. Instead of giving an oral quiz, have the students create Vokis for the quiz instead.

Another idea would be to have students create Vokis to share their latest poem. Again you could have the students record themselves reading the poem and that becomes the Vokis voice.

I love the ability to embed the Voki. Your students could embed the Voki in their blog or on their website. Or you could create a Voki page on your SchoolFusion page or class website and have the students send you the embed code for their Voki. What a great way to share what your students have created.

Be sure to visit the Voki Lesson Plan Database for other ideas on using Voki in your classroom!


  1. Mickie,
    When I first started using Voki it was just for fun. Now with some ideas from you and the site, I feel that I will use it more next Fall. Again different way to keep kids engaged in their learning not using paper and pencil. By students typing in their conversation or recording their own voices, it will put information into long term memory faster. I can see students getting very creative using different avatars to explain their projects or content.

  2. Leann or Mickie -
    Did you have trouble putting multiple Vokis on your blog? When I preview my blog, it shows the same Voki 3 times... instead of the 3 different Vokis I wanted to present. I thought I had copied the wrong embed code, but I tried multiple times to embed and nothing worked. My preview still shows the same Voki 3 times.

    Just curious if you ran into that problem... I noticed you pasted the links to the other two Vokis instead of Embeding on your blog. I'd appreciate any help! :)


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