There was a great #nebedchat last night on the topic of reflection. As I followed the chat and watched American Idol (yes, I still like the show) I came to the conclusion, I don't reflect often enough. Well, let me rephrase that. I don't reflect often enough publicly. I reflect after each training session I give: how could I have done that better, differently and how can I get more people the training they need or want. But very rarely do I put those thoughts down somewhere and allow others to see those thoughts.

So, with inspiration from @bmowinkel and the #nebedchat crew last night, I am officially dusting off my blog! And I am reflecting on the job I have done this year assisting the teachers of Norfolk Public Schools. And what is scarier--I'm going to let others see my reflection and chime in if they so choose. Maybe no one will read this blog post and that is okay. I think the important thing is I am taking the time to reflect.

I think I put together a pretty good product when it comes to tech training. I try to offer a variety of sessions on topics I think will be of use to teachers. I hold Technology Tuesdays for those who want to attend in person, hands on training. But I also provide the same training online for those who don't want to attend in person or who don't have time to attend in person. I like to think I am providing the flexibility that teachers need. And for those that can't make Tuesdays, I started Reboot Wednesdays this semester to repeat the trainings I have previously offered on Tuesdays. You can visit my current training site to see all of the training I have offered this year.

I also am willing to go to any classroom any time. I realize that large group training is not for everyone. Some prefer one on one attention and when my schedule allows, I love to do that.

But is what I'm doing enough? Are my teachers getting the training they need? Could I do more? Could I do differently? I know I'm reaching a very small percentage of our teachers. How can I reach more of them? What can I do to support the high flyers? These are the questions I wrestle with and that I need to reflect on.

Thanks to Brandon Mowinkel and #nebedchat for challenging me once again. Reflection is key for everyone but especially educators. Without reflection, we cannot grow as educators. So my goal is to blog a little more frequently and reflect publicly. Starting today!


  1. Good post and keep it up! I understand how important ou tech Integration coordinator is, I could not do her job! You make a big difference in your school.


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