My Thoughts on Going 1:1 Part 7

This is the seventh post in a multi-part series for the Summer of 2014

I wanted to share some of my thoughts, ideas, suggestions, helpful tips on embarking on our digital learning initiative (aka 1:1 with Chromebooks) at the Senior High.

My First Classroom
Now, before you say, "What does Mickie know about teaching in a 1:1 classroom?", consider where I have been. I spent seventeenish years as a business teacher. I worked for three different school districts during that time. In each school my "classroom" was a computer lab. Each of my students had a computer to use during my classes. I was 1:1 before 1:1 was a thing! So I do think I have something to offer when it comes to teaching in a 1:1 classroom environment.

This series of blog posts will give you some "food for thought" when it comes to each of your students having a device to use during your classes. I am by no means saying "Do it this way!" Rather, I am giving you some things to consider from the perspective of someone who has been there.

Last week I shared with you the SAMR model and I gave you ideas for the first two levels, Substitution and Augmentation. Everyone should have a goal this semester to attempt something at one of these two levels.

Some of you may be ready to go further with the model. The Modification and Redefinition levels can really lead to transforming your classroom in ways that were not previously possibly without technology. So for those of you who are ready, what are some things you can do to get your students above the line?


  • Instead of students writing a paper and turning it in for the teacher to evaluate, students write a blog post and comment on each others work
  • Instead of students creating a poster on poster board that is hung in the classroom, students use Glogster to create a poster and allow other students to comment on their work using the comments feature; students could also embed their Glog into a personal website or blog to share with a wider audience 
  • Instead of students writing an essay, an audio recording of the essay is created with original music; the audio recording is played for the class and/or parents and posted on a personal website or blog
  • Students create a narrated Google Earth tour and share online
  • Students teams collaborate to create a documentary exploring a particular topic and the video is posted online to get input from a global audience 
  • Students connect with scientists via Skype or Google Hangouts to share with the scientists findings of a class research project; scientists give feedback that allows for the improvement of the project
Some really creative things can take place above the line at Modification and Redefinition. For those of you who are ready to go there, I am ready to help! Together, we can design a project that meets your curricular objectives and takes advantage of the technology your students will have. I don't know about you but I am really looking forward to this year!


  1. Great post, Mickie! It's exciting to see the things you are doing in Norfolk. Some of those enhancements will happen this year, and more the next. We may never get all the way we want to go, but it is fun to see the changes!


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