Pushing Messages to Student Chromebooks

If you use Chromebooks in your district, the GAFE Admin Console can be your best friend. The Admin Console gives you lots of different ways to configure Chrome and push things to your student devices. You can push specific apps and extensions and you can even push a wallpaper to all student Chromebooks. Depending on how you have your OUs set up, you could push a different wallpaper to each grade level of students or to students in different buildings. At the SH we currently have this wallpaper pushed to all student devices:

This serves as a good reminder for students since they see it every day! You could even have students design the wallpaper. What a great way to showcase student work! To set the wallpaper, go to Device management-->Chrome-->User settings and look for Wallpaper under General.

Another setting we have configured in our Admin Console is to load certain websites when Chrome is launched. We currently load the SH website and our Chromebook Information site.

Since you can list any website to load when Chrome is launched, we have recently added a Google Slide presentation to draw attention to our Career Academy application that is now live. The presentation includes one slide with a transparent box covering the entire slide. The transparent box is linked to the Career Academy application so students can easily access it. The presentation was published to the web and I copied the link and added it to the list of sites to open on startup. You can see the slide below. Click anywhere on the slide and it will take you to the application.

To specify pages to load on startup, go to Device management-->Chrome-->User settings and look for Pages to Load on Startup under Startup.

These are just two quick ways you can use the Admin Console to push messages to your student Chromebooks.


  1. The web page with an embedded slide deck for district announcements is a great idea.


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