What the #aurorahuskies Taught Me About Google Classroom

I was honored to be a part of the #aurorahuskies PD day on Friday. I did five sessions including two sessions on Google Classroom. In my tips and tricks session, I decided to take some questions from the audience. We were talking about the ways students could submit assignments through Classroom. Someone asked if it was possible for students to be able to comment on each other's work. At first I said no. When a student submits an assignment it goes directly to the teacher and no other students can see it. And then I thought, wait a minute, let's explore this further. So I switched over to a student account in Google Classroom and clicked on the + sign. I'd actually never done that on the student side before. I always demonstrated adding a new post from the teacher's perspective.

If teachers have allowed students to post and comment, students will be able to click the + and add a post to the stream.

From there, students could type something about the assignment and then attach either a file, video or link.

This is what it looks like on an iPad.

Think about what this means. A student could attach any piece of work: 
  • a Doc, Sheet, Slides, Drawing from their Drive 
  • a link to something done in another web app like Haiku Deck or Vocaroo or Voki
  • a YouTube video that they created
  • a photo out of Photos or Camera Roll (how many apps on the iPad save back to the Camera Roll? TONS!)
  • use the camera on the iPad and take a picture of ANYTHING
Once the work is attached to the post, students can receive feedback from their peers!

What a powerful use of Google Classroom! I am definitely adding this to my tips and tricks session.

This one simple question from an audience member had me thinking about Google Classroom in a completely different way. And it made me realize two things. Number one: I need to take more questions from the audience during my presentations. And number two: the smartest person in the room is THE ROOM!

So a huge thank you to the #aurorahuskies for teaching me about Google Classroom!

If you are interested in the resources I put together for the #aurorahuskies, you can access them here:


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