Introducing Breakout EDU to Teachers

To truly understand Breakout EDU, I think teachers need to experience it. So you might be wondering what game do I use to introduce teachers to Breakout EDU. It depends.

The first Breakout EDU game I ever ran was with the Senior High social studies department. I selected Time Warp because this game actually fits in with their curriculum. Time Warp covers the history of communication from ancient times to modern day. I have had several social studies teachers do this game with their students.

To introduce Breakout EDU to administrators, we did Dr. Johnson's Lab. This game is about surviving the zombie apocalypse. And while we aren't really in danger of a zombie apocalypse in Norfolk, this game has both paper clues and digital clues so it really is a great overview of the possibilities of Breakout EDU. This game also works well for high school students.

To introduce Breakout EDU to our Senior High teachers we did Attack of the Locks. We set up five kits in the gym and used the scoreboard clock as a timer. This game is actually intended for middle school students so we only gave the teachers 30 minutes to work out the clues. This was plenty of time. I have since done this game with 4th graders and they rocked it!

For elementary teachers, I decided to pick a game designed for elementary students so they could see that their students could do this activity. If I did Dr. Johnson's Lab with elementary teachers they may think that Breakout EDU would be too hard for their students. When I introduce the game to elementary teachers I use If You Take a Mouse to School. It will only take adults about 15 minutes to work through this game so adjust your timer accordingly.

All of these games are available for free at Breakout EDU. There are hundreds of games to choose from and more games are added all the time.

I don't think it matters which game you select to introduce Breakout EDU to teachers but these are the games that have worked well for me. Good luck!